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Training Offered by the East of England RDSU, Bedfordshire

Training sessions and workshops

Starting your Research Project

26 September 2007, 12-2pm
Silsoe Conference Centre

This workshop will examine how to begin thinking about and planning a research project. Examples of project ideas relating to work practice will be looked at, there will be an introduction to different research methods and the stages to writing a proposal. This session is being provided by Dr Suzanne Murphy, Research and Development Support Unit Co­ordinator.

Searching the Literature

10 October 2007, 10am-12 or 2-4pm
Park Square campus, University of Bedfordshire

This hands-on session, led by David Johnson, formerly Librarian at Luton and Dunstable Hospital, will inform you of the available databases for information on healthcare research, and aims to give you the skills to conduct an effective literature search.

Questionnaire Design

23 October 2007, 12-2pm
Silsoe Conference Centre

This session, provided by Ron Driver of the Research and Development Support Unit, will cover the basics of questionnaire design and provide practical advice to those considering a project involving the use of questionnaires to gather information. Practical examples will be worked on and individual advice on your own questionnaire will be available if required.

Introduction to Statistics

13 November 2007, 12-2pm
Silsoe Conference Centre

Ron Driver, statistics lecturer at the Institute for Health Research, University of Bedfordshire, will cover the basic statistics that you are likely to use for small research projects. This will include choice of statistical tests for particular purposes, and for different kinds of data, and how to make the best use of statistical software. He will also be available to answer questions individually on your own data if required.

Writing for Publication

21 November 2007, 10am-12
Putteridge Bury Campus, University of Bedfordshire

Have you carried out a piece of research or written something for an assignment that you would like to see published? This session, led by Barbara Burden and Suzanne Murphy of the Institute of Health Research, University of Bedfordshire, will help you to work up an article for submission. Participants will be required to bring an electronic draft of their ideas for the day. Lunch will be provided. Please note, we plan to repeat this session in 2008.

Introduction to SPSS

6 December 2007, 12-2pm
Park Square campus, University of Bedfordshire

If you would like to learn how to use SPSS but have little or no experience then this hands­on workshop is for you. Suzanne Murphy, Research, Development and Support Group Co­ordinator, will describe the uses for the package and take you through from the beginning, from preparing and entering data, to performing basic calculations. Suzanne will be available afterwards to answer queries on your own datasets if required.

Presenting at Conferences

30 January 2008, 12-2pm
Silsoe Conference Centre

Are you planning to attend a conference or would like to apply to present your work?

If you would like some advice about choosing the right conference, preparing an abstract or guidance on the best way to present slides, this workshop will aim to answer your questions. You are welcome to attend whether you have already applied and been accepted for a conference, or if you would just like to know more about conference presenting generally. This session is being provided by Suzanne Murphy, Research, Development and Support Unit Advisor.

Research Ethics

28 February 2008, 12-2pm
Silsoe Conference Centre

Ron Driver, Chair of Bedfordshire’s Research Ethics Committee, will take you through some of the ethical issues you will need to consider when planning a piece of research. He will also give advice on seeking Research Ethics Committee approval for your own project.

Applying for Research Funding

4 March 2008, 12-2pm
Silsoe Conference Centre

In this workshop, Professor Gurch Randhawa (Director, Institute for Health Research, University of Bedfordshire) will cover the ways in which potential sources of funding for research projects can be identified and the process of application to funding bodies. Practical examples and case studies will be provided.

Excel for Statistics

19 March 2008, 12-2pm
Park Square campus, University of Bedfordshire

Would you like to analyse quantitative data and perform basic statistical functions, but have limited access to SPSS and little time to learn a new software package? This workshop is for you and will cover calculating means, producing graphs and parametric tests such as T­tests using Excel as well as preparing and designing charts and graphs. The session is being run by Linda Martin of University of Bedfordshire Learning Resources Centre. Individual statistical advice will also be available.

Researching with Black and Minority Ethnic Groups

29 April 2008, 12-2pm
Silsoe Conference Centre

Professor Gurch Randhawa (Director, Institute for Health Research) has worked on a number of research projects involving minority groups. He will talk about developing culturally appropriate methods for research and will cover the issues to take into account. He will also be available to provide advice on individual projects if required.

Other Workshops Planned for 2008 (details to be confirmed)

Poster Presentation

Do you have a piece of research you wish to present as a poster at a conference? Other information you wish to display in poster form? We will show you how to produce attractive and professional­looking posters using PowerPoint in this hands­on workshop. You are welcome to bring your own material if you wish.

Introduction to Critical Appraisal Skills

This workshop will help you to develop the skills needed to make sense of, and appraise, research evidence. Practical examples will be examined and discussed in the group.

How to Run Focus Groups

This workshop is for anyone interested in learning about how to use focus groups for NHS­related research. The advantages and disadvantages of focus groups will be outlined, as well as how to prepare for organising and running a focus group. There will be the opportunity to learn about focus groups by participating in a discussion.


Booking, fees and further information

Further sessions on other topics can also be arranged, so if you have a particular interest, please enquire. These sessions are free of charge to health professionals within Bedfordshire, though spaces are limited.

For more information on these training courses please contact: