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Introduction to the East of England RDSU

The East of England RDSU provides a service which is available to any NHS based health care professional or organisation in the eastern region and to academics and those from other health-related sectors who wish to conduct NHS research.

Support offered falls into seven categories: information and communication; consultative advice; research training; mentoring and supervision; collaboration in research; advice on the quality and relevance of planned research; influencing research agendas.

There are 14 Primary Care Trusts, 18 Acute Hospital Trusts, 7 Mental Health/Social Care Trusts, one Ambulance Trust and six universities in the area and we have centres in Cambridge, Essex, Hertfordshire, Luton and Norwich.

Map of the area covered by the East of England RDSU

Map of the area covered by the East of England RDSU.
  • Bedfordshire
  • Cambridge
  • Essex
  • Hertfordshire
  • Norwich